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Energy Conservation Measures:

Major initiatives and achievements in the field of energy conservation and efficiency by Indian Railways on non-traction side over the last couple of years are listed below: :

  • Replacement of T-5 tube lights with LED tube lights.
  • Efficient water coolers.
  • Replacement of 90 W ceiling fans with 60 W energy efficient ceiling fans.
  • Use of electronic regulators in place of conventional regulators.
  • Deployment of Astronomical Timers have been provided on high mast towers.
  • Pump automation by providing time switch / liquid level controller and GSM based techniques.
  • APFC correction panels for HT and LT substations
  • LED based station name board
  • Use of copper wiring in place of aluminium
  • Use of energy efficient pumps
  • Micro-controller based Automatic Platform Lighting Management System with segregation of 70% / 30% circuits
  • Use of 3 stars and above labelled electrical products and equipment
  • Solar based LED lighting system for level crossing gates
  • Use of solar water heater in place of electric geyser
  • Development of green stations
  • Pre-paid energy meters
  • Occupancy sensors in officer's chamber
  • Energy audit and implementation of audit recommendations
  • Under the Clean Development Mechanism 14 Lakhs CFL were given free of cost by IR to its employees in the year 2009-10. This project was extremely successful and got registered with United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change (UNFCC) on 26 Nov 2010.